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Innovative Construction

Take a look in the interior of TALOS and confirm its superiority & simplicity!


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Extreme Heatsink

Marine environments requires extreme measures! With the Heatsink of TALOS and the fanless cooling you can achieve low operating temperatures.

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Mini Server in Design

Within Compact dimensions you get a powerful mini server unit!


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Control & Safeguard your data!

Use the advantages of TALOS in your business!


Easy To Customize

Build and expand the capabilities of your TALOS Marine Server.



Create your Virtual machines to enjoy simplicity & safety within your network PCs. Build, maintain and backup easily all VM PCs!


Multi usage

Select the applications, usage and users that machine will accept. We will have it ready for you!


Robust Mini Server

Build for harsh environments, with opulent hardware & characterful options.


Support Packs

Save time & money when TALOS needs remedy. Our Support packs do cover all needs for such request.


Save Money

Using the advance remote support within TALOS from office saves money. Cure the PC at the lowest level without the need of attendance.

Latest News

  • Meet the upgraded model of TALOS! Check out IME-8000 Marine Server with the latest 8th Generation Intel Processors!

    Are you amazed by the things you can do with your computer? If you bought your computer more than a handful of years ago, you’re missing more than you know – uncompromised gaming, while you stream, chat and share with your community – stunning visuals of Ultra HD 4K HDR premium content – transport into a great VR experience. With premium performance and new & enhanced features, a desktop computer based on a 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor is always ready for real-life productivity, creativity and entertainment. With a range of smart, stylish designs and sizes, there is a 7th Gen Intel Core processor-powered desktop computer to fit a wide range of budgets and needs. Read More
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TALOS Marine Server Overview

As the modern workplace moves outside of traditional firewalls, your organization must safeguard its data.
TALOS, provides a growing portfolio of built-in security solutions to protect against the top threat vectors every enterprise should prioritize: identity, data and recovery.
In the event of an attack, stop a virus from spreading by takeover compromised devices of the network remotely. Stay in control, even if the OS is down or a device is powered of.

Get a closer look into TALOS

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Safety & Quality is the best business plan!

Don´t wait for opportunity. Get it!

  • Everything you need, to enter into Cyber World with safe!

    Encryption, security for remote & user control will allow a superior level of safety.

  • Using TALOS will change the way of working & operating marine PCs till today!

    Access to the unit from everywhere, monitor its health, view the logs within a simple web interface.


Marine Design

Robust & Well build, Fan-less & Easy Configurable!

Advanced Techniques

Explore and Control all features & techniques that has to offer!


Purchasing TALOS will gain you money! Explore to find our more..